The Father and Daughter (1801)

Opie’s volume was reviewed in a variety of periodicals: the notice in The European Magazine mentions only the tale, while The Monthly Review devotes most of its attention to the poems.  The notice in The Critical Review appeared well after the second edition had been printed and responds not only to the tale but to its already established popularity.  Even the newly initiated Edinburgh Review, while ostensibly evaluating Opie’s Poems (1802), looks back in its inaugural issue to pen critical judgments on The Father and Daughter.

Contents (of the First edition of The Father and Daughter)

Epistle Supposed To Be Addressed By Eudora, The Maid Of Corinth, To Her Lover Philemon, Informing Him Of Her Having Traced His SHADOW On The Wall While He Was Sleeping, The Night Before His Departure: Together With The Joyful Consequences Of This Action.

Songs, And Other Poetical Pieces.

The Mourner.
To The Glow-Worm.
Song Of An Indostan Girl.
Song. [Yes, Mary Anne, I Freely Grant,]
Song. [A Youth For Jane With Ardour Sigh’d,]
A Mad-Song. [Ha! What Is This That On My Brow]
Song. [I Once Rejoiced, Sweet Evening Gale,]
Epigram.  On Reading The Pleadings Of Count Lally Tolendal For His Father The Late Count Lally.
Lines Addressed To Mr. Biggs, On His Having Set The Mad Song, And “My Love To War Is Going.”
Fatherless Fanny. A Ballad.
Song–To Laura. [Maid Of The Cold Suspicious Heart,]
The Despairing Wanderer.
The Orphan Boy’s Tale.


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Modern Editions 

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Routledge/Thoemmes, 1994.

The Father and Daughter with Dangers of Coquetry, edited by Shelley King and John B. Pierce.
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