Amelia Opie was well-known as both a skilled singer and a writer of lyrics for popular songs. This section of the archive offers a brief guide to the composers who set her lyrics (derived primarily from the contemporary Sainsbury’s Dictionary of Musicians … together with upwards of a hundred original memoirs of the most eminent living musicians. London; Sainsbury and Co., 1824), a selection of sample scores with mp3 files, scores with pdf files, and details of an ongoing interdisciplinary project to record a number of her songs. For a complete bibliography of Opie’s lyrics, consult “Songs” in the Works section of the Archive.

Finally, we should also point out that Opie occasionally composed music herself. To date, however, we have found only one published example of her work: “If Thou Couldst Know What ‘Tis to Weep,” the music by Opie , the lyrics by her friend Caroline Lamb.



Recording Project