Transcribed Scores

An on-going part of this project will be the addition of scores for songs “with the words by Mrs. Opie.” Many of Opie’s songs could be purchased in a variety of settings, and some were scored by more than one composer; this part of the archive offers a sampler of songs. The scores have been transcribed and edited for contemporary performance by J. Taylor F. Donaldson. Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Performance) degree from Queen’s University in 2007, studying the trombone as his principal instrument. He is primarily interested in playing jazz and popular music, as well as in the craft of composition and arranging. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with the local big band and community brass ensemble.

To access multimedia files of individual songs, select a title from the list below which will open a page displaying the score. You may then download a pdf of the score by clicking on it, or listen to a recording of the song displayed above the score.

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My Love to War is Going. A Song with an Accompaniment for the Piano-Forte. Music by Edward Smith Biggs, London: R. Birchall.


“The live-long Night: Poor Mary Anne. A Dirge”

“Nos Galan: New Year’s Night”

from Six Welch Airs Adapted to English Words, and Harmonized for Two, Three, and Four, Voices, with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte or Harp. Music by Edward Smith Biggs, London: R. Birchall.


O Welcome Bonny Month of May, a Ballad by Mrs. Opie, Set to Music by Mr.Biggs. Music by Edward Smith Biggs, London: R. Birchall, [1806].


‘In My Cot Tho’ Small’s My Store’ a Favorite Song, the Words Imitated from the  French. Music by Edward Smith Biggs, London: R. Birchall, [ca. 1810].   [single voice and glee versions]


“Mentra Gwen:Venture Gwen” 

“Hud Y Bibell: The Attractions of the Pipe” 

From A Select Collection of Original Welsh Airs Adapted for the Voice, United to Characteristic English Poetry … With Introductory & Concluding Symphonies  and Accompaniments for the Piano Forte or Harp, Violin & Violoncello Composed Chiefly by Joseph Haydn. Music by George Thomson, 3 vols., London/Edinburgh: Preston/G. Thomson.