Biographical Sketches

A secondary aim of this site is to provide materials for a study of the evolution of literary reputation, so you will find biographical sketches and memoirs that show Opie as she was known to her contemporaries. To this end, documents have been transcribed “as is,” with factual inaccuracies such as false dates of birth left intact. Annotations in the original are marked thus * followed by the text of the footnote in square brackets. Taken together, these accounts offer a sense not only of the high regard with which Opie’s works were received in her own day, but also of the gendered ideals of celebrity for women writers in the first half of the nineteenth century.

The Lady’s Monthly Museum, March 1801. 

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The Cabinet, vol 1, 1807, pp. 217-9.

The Ladies’ Monthly Museum, vol 16, February 1817, pp. 61-4.

La Belle Assemblée or, Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine. 
Addressed particularly to The Ladies, ns, vol 22, January 1821, pp. 3-4.

The Atheneum, 1363, December 10, 1853, 1483.

The Art-Journal, ns, vol 6, 1854, pp. 26-7.