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A number of Opie poems are extant as manuscript fair copies in a variety of collections, mainly in America and the United Kingdom. Working drafts are rare, with the exception of the Cromer Notebook, held in the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library. Mentioned by both Brightwell and Macgregor in their biographies, it was “lost” for many years: Andrew Ashfield had traced it as far as a Sotheby’s sale of  Mss in 1953, when it, and other Opie materials were “sold to the London booksellers Maggs and were then put on the shelves and no further record kept” (email 2008).  In 2010 King and Pierce located it in the Berg. The notebook is substantial, consisting of 333 pages or 165 leaves bound without a cover. It includes some forty-six of Opie’s poems included in The Collected Poems (2009 )and forty-eight poems not recorded in the Oxford edition. For a full discussion of the ms. see King and Pierce, “The Rediscovery of Amelia Opie’s Cromer Notebook,” Notes & Queries vol 61 no 4 (2014) pp 498-501.

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