At the beginning of the 19th century Amelia Opie was as well known as a writer of affecting song lyrics as she was as a novelist. While she worked closely with E.S. Biggs, many of her poems were set after publication by a variety of composers. Here you will find recordings of representative songs produced in collaboration with Dr. Gordon Smith of Queen’s University’s Dan School of Drama and Music. You can find out more about the two “Recording Projects” by selecting that tab.

Music Which Reaches The Heart

Recorded at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston ON in April 2007. Piano: Dr. Gordon Smith. Singers: soprano – Kimberly Hooper; mezzo soprano – Laura Redekop; baritone – Joshua Lawson.

Arhyd Y Nos or the Live-Long Night. Poor Mary Anne! A Dirge: [Lyrics]

Fill the Bowl, and Let’s Be Joyous: [Lyrics]

I Know You False, I Know You Vain, a Ballad:[Lyrics]

Mentra Gwen: Venture Gwen: [Lyrics]

My Love to War Is Going:[Lyrics]

Nos Galen, or New Year’s Night: [Lyrics]

The Poor Hindoo:[Lyrics]

Then Be It So, A Ballad by Mrs. Opie:[Lyrics]

To the Chace Let’s Away:[Lyrics]

Who gave the Sun His Light: [Lyrics]

Amelia Opie and the Music of the War with France

Recorded at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, April 2015. Piano: Dr. Gordon Smith. Singers: soprano – Elizabeth Ferguson; mezzo soprano – Rachel McCauley; tenor – Spencer Vass; baritone – Gregory Dunleavy.

Away to the Battle: [Lyrics]

Captain Morgan’s March:[Lyrics]

Crazy Sally:[Lyrics]

Dream of Soft Delight:,[Lyrics]

Flaunting Two:[Lyrics]

Heres A Health to Those Far Away:[Lyrics]

How Still Now is The Hamlet:[Lyrics]

Lullaby Song:[Lyrics]

New Year’s Night:[Lyrics]

Poor Mary-Anne:[Lyrics]

Stay Gentle Damsel:[Lyrics]

Stella Thou False One:[Lyrics]

The Emigrant:[Lyrics]

The Orphan Boy’s Tale:[Lyrics]

Who Gave the Sun His Light:[Lyrics]