Poetry in Annuals, Anthologies, and Periodicals

Annual Anthology

1799    “To Mr. Opie” vol 1, pp. 38
“Stanzas Written on the Sea Shore in 1792” vol 1, pp. 77-8
“Song” vol 1, pp. 18-9
“To Twilight” vol 1, pp. 202-4


1832    “The True Friend,” pp. 86-8
“God is Nigh,” pp. 206-7

1833    “The Prodigal Returned,” pp. 71-2
“Thoughts on the Seashore,” pp. 206-7

1834    “The Shipwreck,” pp. 151-3


1827    “A Lament,” pp. 66-7

1828    “To Elizabeth A_. 1822,” p. 48
“To the Memory of Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta,” pp. 213-6
“Life is a Pilgrimage,” pp. 144-5

1830    “The Portraits,” pp. 215-6

Aurora Borealis

1833    “On these Fearful Times,” p. 214

A Bridal Gift

n.d.      “A Lament,” [There was an eye whose partial glance], 7th ed., pp. 148-50


1795    “Ode on the Opening of the Last Campaign” vol 1, pp. 309-10
“Sonnet to Winter” vol 2, pp. 34-5
“Ode on the Present Times, 27th January, 1795” vol 2, pp.  92-5
“Allen Brook, of Windermere” vol 2, pp.  317-8
“Laura” vol 3, pp. 17-21
“Caroline to Henry” vol 3, pp. 73-6
“The Virgin’s First Love” vol 3, pp. 95-7
“Sonnet” [The Young Adventurer Sails for India’s Shore] vol 3, pp. 106
“To Eolus’s Harp” vol 3, pp. 128-30
“To Henry” vol 3, pp. 140
“Sun Set” vol 3, pp. 178-9
“Ode Written on the Approach of a Storm” vol 3, pp. 198-200
“Sonnet Written on the Sea Shore” vol 3, pp. 226-7
“Spring” vol 3, pp. 227-9
“La Partenza” vol 3, pp. 229-31
“Consumption” vol 3 pp. 231-2
“Death” vol 3, pp. 276-80

Casket, A Miscellany

1829    “Lines Supposed to be Addressed by an Indian Woman to the Messenger
Bird, Which Comes, as Indians Believe, from the Land of Spirits,”
pp. 196-7
“Epitaph on —-,” [In youth and beauty’s mantling bloom she shone], p. 198.

Chaplet, A Collection of Poems

1805    “The Orphan Boy’s Tale,” pp. 19-20
“The Child of Sorrow’s Tale,” pp. 21-2
“The Virgin’s First Love,” pp. 112-4
“Song,” [Think not, while gayer swains invite], pp. 137-8

Christian Keepsake & Missionary

1836    “The Princess Victoria,” p. 24

1838    “The Envied One,” pp. 75-8.

European Magazine

1799    “Lines Addressed by Mrs. Opie to Her Husband, On His Painting the
Picture of Her Friend Mrs. Twiss,” vol 35, p. 408

1800    “On Seeing Mrs. Siddons’ Busts of Her Brothers and Herself,” vol 37, p. 389.

1822    “A Song,” [Yes – thou art gone! I feel it now!], vol 83, p. 8
“To Mrs. L[Emaistre], on Her Birthday, June 5, 1818,” vol 82, p. 43.
“Lines to Laura,” vol 82, p. 121
“To Rosaline—from the French,” vol. 82, p. 224.
“Lines from a Gentleman in India to his Wife in England,” vol. 81, p. 304
“Address to Love,” vol. 82, p. 314
“Lines to the Memory of a Lately Deceased Friend,” vol. 82, p. 415
“Lines to the Memory of her near Relation, Ollyatt Woodhouse, Esq.,”
vol. 82, p. 496
“On the Anniversary of a Funeral,” vol. 81, pp. 504-5.

1823    “Epistles by Mary Queen of Scots,” vol. 83, pp. 19-23; 105-8; 201-3; 315-6;
400-4; and 84: 2-12; 111-3; 303-4

Flowers of Literature

1803    “The Orphan Boy’s Tale,” pp. 324-5

Flowers of Poetry

1834    “Hymn,” [There’s not a leaf within the bower], vol. 1, pp. 144

Friendship’s Offering

1824    “Hymn to God, the Eternal and Unchangeable,” p. 143
“Elegiac Stanzas,” pp. 144-6
“Song,” [Go – thou can’st wound my peace no more –], pp. 146-7
“Song,” [Joy in Woe], pp. 147-8

1825    “To the Flower Called, Forget Me Not,” p. 246

1826    “Address to the Garden Roll,” pp. 314-7
“Epitaph on William Hayley,” pp. 357-8
“Address to a Dying Friend,” pp. 15-6

Gentleman’s Magazine

1805    “Hence! Cruel Life! No More Persist,” vol 75, p. 255

Harp of Parnassus

1822    “I Once Rejoiced, Sweet Evening Gale,” p. 13

Hymns, Selected from Various Authors

1818    “Worship,” [Great God! Let thy constraining power], pp. 169-70

1821    “Prayer for the Wanderers,” [Watch not o’er these alone, O Lord!],
p. 166

1822    “The Convert’s Prayer,” [Pity, O Lord, my mental strife], pp. 162-3
“Consolation for the Distressed,” [When the disciples saw the
Lord], pp. 194-5
“Thought in a Place of Worship,” [This is a place for solemn
Thought], pp. 173-4
“Reflections During Silent Worship,” [Thoughts of the world,
Away! Nor dare molest], pp. 174-5

1825    “Reproof and Comfort for Mourners,” [Come ye mourners,
plung’d in sorrow], pp. 197-8
“Death the Gate of Life,” [And let this feeble body fail], pp. 260-1

Juvenile Keepsake

1829    “Hymn,” [There’s not a leaf], p. 45

Lady’s Monthly Museum

1800    “The Orphan Boy’s Tale,” pp. 31-2


1830    “An Evening Walk at Cromer,” p. 335-6

Literary Souvenir

1825    “Sonnet,” [The world invites thee – go, Lorenzo go], p. 82

New Year’s Gift

1829    “Hymn after a Spring Walk,” pp. 143-4

Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette

1831    “Aux Polonais qui Partent,” April 9

Pledge of Friendship

1828    “Lines on the Death of a Beautiful Child,” p. 382

Poetic Gleanings

1827    “Hymn to God the Eternal and Unchangeable,” p. 100

Poetic Present

1830    “Resignation. A Hymn,” pp. 65-6.
“Hymn,” [There’s not a leaf within the bower], p. 19.

Poetical Register

1801    “Address of a Felon to His Child, on the Morning of His
Execution,” pp. 281-4

1802    “Fatherless Fanny. A Ballad,” pp. 286-7
“Lines Written by Mrs. Opie,” [Cold are the lips whose
Gentle force], p. 265

1814    “Song,” [Sweet maid, I hear thy frequent sigh], p. 245

Sabbath Recreations

1830    “Prayer for the Wanderers,” pp. 60-1

1835    “Life is a Pilgrimage,” pp. 329-31 

Specimens of British Poetesses

1827    “The Orphan Boy’s Tale,” pp. 409-10
“Song,” [Go, youth belov’d, in distant glades], p. 411

Spirit and Manners of the Age

1829    “Change of Heart,” p. 45
“Elegiac Lines,” p. 216
“Epitaph in S____ Churchyard,” p. 351
“She, Who within this Humble Grave is Laid,” p. 353
“‘Tis but a Humble, Grassy Grave,” p. 353
“The Two Soldiers,” pp. 503-4
“Elegiac Lines on the Death of a Bride,” pp. 581-2

Wood-Notes: For All Seasons

1842    “To the Morning Lark,” p. 97.

Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information

1833    “The Orphan Boy’s Tale,” p. 1162

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