Adeline Mowbray (1805)

When Adeline Mowbray appeared in early 1805, Amelia Opie was already on her way to becoming an important literary figure in early nineteenth-century London.  Four years earlier she had published The Father and Daughter, a brief sentimental tale that marked her debut as a successful novelist.So when Opie brought her new manuscript to her publisher in late 1804, Longmans, Hurst, Orme and Rees settled on a print run of 1500 copies, twice their usual number for a novel, an indication of their confidence in her marketability. Adeline Mowbray received a more mixed reception than her earlier novel, for it strikes an uneasy balance between radical and conservative ideology, and contemporary reviewers hesitated over its politics and its morals. Loosely based on the relationship between Godwin and Wollstonecraft, who had been close friends of Opie in the 1790s, the novel explores both the idealism and social naiveté of modern philosophy, while simultaneously exposing the frequent hypocrisies of fashionable morality.


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