Amelia Opie to Unknown: Nd (1824-)


58 Chancery Lane 7th day, (Saturday)

My dear friend,

Wilt thou do my cousins and myself the favour and pleasure of drinking tea with us this afternoon at 7 o’clock? —

I wish to secure if possible the pleasure of seeing thee before I go away from London and our calls have alas! Been fruitless

Believe me,

Much thine,

Amelia Opie


P.S If not at home when this note arrives do not send an answer. If thou art not here before 8 we shall conclude thou engaged.


Source: King and Pierce

Address: None

Postmark: None

[1] While there is no date on this letter, the use of plain speech places it after 1824, and likely before 1830, when her cousins ceased to live at 58 Chancery Lane (Opie to Eliza Alderson 1830)