Amelia Opie to Unknown: 8 March 1844


Norwich 3rd Mo 8th 1844

My dear friend,

I enclose to thee the MS so long promised to thy friend and neighbour as I do not know his address

Thou & he must have thought that I had forgotten my promise but the truth is that till yesterday I was unable to fullfil it for till then I had not been able to find a copy of the “Lays for the Dead” in which little volume I printed the ^inclosed> the second time & I could not remember in what annual it was originally published—

I have gone through both sicknesses & sorrow since we met last — I hope thou & thy good lady have escaped both-

Yet I ought not to hope so perhaps – because as a Christian I ought to believe that both sorrows & sickness are salutary for the soul —

Well but I may hope to see you both again ere long -& I do so hope.

Think of joy at seeing Sir F Buxton[1] walk into mo meeting with a prim step yesterday! And I had feared never to see him move!

I am now going over to Earlham to take luncheon with him & Lady B


Dear friend

Very truly thine

& Madame’s

Amelia Opie

I have been only a week returned from London

Source: King and Pierce

Address: None

Postmark: None

[1]  Thomas Fowell Buxton (1789-1845). See Olwyn Mary Blouet. “Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell, first baronet (1786-1845).” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. Web. 6 Aug. 2013.