Amelia Opie to Unknown: 20 April 1832


4th Mo 20th 1832


Esteemed friend,


I have written to Alderman <Morris> concerning the lease & I am assured he is ˆpowerful amongst his children & that they will mind him –if I can enduce him to take up my cause in good earnest

I find you of the old meeting did nothing but petition – & I have also written to my friend H- Francis

who is an active & zealous man-

If a regular formal petition be necessary, we must draw one up -& if advisable I will call on all the Aldermen within my reach –It is only taking a coach & driving <around> but I had rather not —I do not recollect the number of the body & do not know all of them personally –At least I think not.

I shall be at home all this day & if it be not inconsistent

With thy opinion of right & wrong, to call on me this day, as we should talk on business I should be glad to see thee

Thine with respect

A Opie


Source: King and Pierce

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