Amelia Opie to Unknown: 10 May 1842


Dear friend,

I accept with many thanks the <tract> thou hast kindly sent me

I trust that dear Lancry H.W. has by this time told thee my message respecting thy admirable friends first note. I mean when I see dearest Anna Gurney[1] to tell her of Miss Lauriers pursuits & goodness &c but perhaps, I shall not tell her the nature of her disease —

This second note

Is worthy to such with the other, & I thank thee for sending it –

It would almost be an offense against the love her friends profess & feel for her to wish her journey long delayed to that blessed country & through those “pearl gates” ^within> which an entrance has evidently been long prepared for her but as our best affections are often selfish, thy friend no doubt has to “forgive the wish that still would keep her here”

I will write down, as I ought to have done before, the dates of public worship at <Dr> House &c &c

If M begins on the 18th the Wednesdays or the Friday, all our meeting hours are open for public worship to everyone on & again, on the Wednesday following as well as on Sabbath days


Thine most cordially

A Opie

Bruton Street

5th Mo 10th 1842


Source: King and Pierce

Address: None

Postmark: None


[1] Anna Gurney (1795-1857). See G. C. Boase. ‘Gurney, Anna (1795-1857).” Rev. John D. Haigh. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. Web. 13 Aug. 2013.