Amelia Opie to Pratt: 4 June 1804



I am very sorry that it is not in my power to express my gratitude for the great entertainment which I have received from your works by contributing largely to the furtherance of a scheme for your benefit, in the success of which I beg you to believe that I am truly interested

But most of what I am able to spare from my own wants to those of others, I have already given to some dear friends of my infancy, who have been latterly reduced from opulence to beggary –amongst these is Mr. Twiss, the traveler, who is at this time soliciting subscriptions to a quarto volume which he is going to publish & who has claimed and received all the little assistance which my exertions ^amongst my acquaintance> have been able to procure for him-

Thus circumstanced, I can at present only offer you the enclosed, with my best wishes for the success of your undertaking, assuring you at the same time, that, at a more propitious moment I shall be pleased to render you more effectual service –

I have the honor to remain

Your obedient, ^& obliged> Humble Servant,

Amelia Opie


4th of June- 1804


Source: King and Pierce

Address: S Pratt Esquire Great Marlboro’ Street 4

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