Amelia Opie to Lady Palgrave: 7 May 1842


33 Bruton Street

5th Mo 7th 1842

My dear Lady Palgrave

I am sorry that I was not at home when thou wast at my door-

I write to ask whether I may venture to go over to <Hew> some morning to call at Sir W- <Hooke’s?>

I want much to see his father –but I fear he does not receive visitors -& I conclude Lady H is engaged with him –So tell me the state of affairs at West Park –that I may proceed accordingly-

Thine ever-

A Opie

I expect dear Anne Gurney[1] is arrived at Poles


Source: King and Pierce

Address: None

Postmark: None


[1] Anna Gurney (1795-1857), Old English scholar. Anna Gurney, daughter of Joseph John Gurney. See page 219 of Menzies-Wilson and Lloyd.   See G. C. Boase. “Anna Gurney (1795-1857).” Rev. John D. Haigh. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. Web. 27 July 2013.