Amelia Opie to Anna Gurney: 22 October 1851  


Norwich 10/22 -51

Dearest Anna[1],

Thou art, -but I will not call names –It is not genteel I may however own that I think myself worthy of a few words from a lady who has the command of so many. I have just had a visit from Mrs <Murell>

Thy poor dear sister being so unwilling to get out unable I might to say as I would not

Have had her attempt  it in any account –

This weather I am sure does not suit her poor dear!

We exchange exchanged looks & nods at the window but I thought the air not good for her to health –I am glad to hear such a bonny account of thee & thy guests — I have at last lost my cough but alas! Notwithstanding I cannot go to the City Mission this Eve

John Henry my chair

William Ball; a Friend came down with the rest of the Y M Committee last night went away this morning early but is coming back this Eve at 7 or 8 o’clock & wants to spend the Eve: with me— It is my duty as he & dear Anne B are very very kind to me. To make the Sacrifice of this tempting meeting & receive my friend & give him syllabub of which I know he is very fond

This weather is trying –and reconciles me to staying at home — —

That sweet young woman Mary Hannah Goldant (Martin that was) has just been calling on me. Her husband came to the Meeting this Eve & brought her with her relations or rather his, She looked pretty & well – But has her sorrows –her eldest boy aged nine as an incurable & <fine> complain & consumption going on also –but she says, he is the happiest child she has –I rejoice in the joy of thee & thy guests -& so does Cockatoo I dare say

And so dear Polly is dead! I could hardly help crying when I heard it from <Roper> when she was here. I did not know the darling was no more –I am glad I was not there when the death happened

I ought to have been informed of it. I never saw the Poll at Therwich & never mean to see it. I love those creatures & their lives are more frail than those of human beings. Indeed I am almost come to a resolution to love nobody & nothing at all al all-

Farewell! I have written three letters of condolence this morning –I have a long letter to write to Edinburgh & I will spare thy patience a longer trial by sending my dear love to the Maggie & the Burton and inscribe myself thy ill used


Very loving friend & foe

Amelia Opie


Source: King and Pierce

Address: None

Postmark: None


[1] Likely Anna Gurney (1795-1857). See G. C. Boase. ‘Gurney, Anna (1795-1857).” Rev. John D. Haigh. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. Web. 13 Aug. 2013.