Amelia Opie to Samuel Simpson: 11 October 1824


Norwich- 10th Mo 11th 1824-


Amelia Opie presents her respects to Samuel Simpson and will readily furnish him with the autograph which he has so obligingly solicited if he will inform her whether it be prose or verse which he solicits or rather, which of the two he is most desirous of having —


At present, she is very busy as she has a new book coming out[1], but she hopes to be at leisure soon & able to do what is required of her—


Source: King and Pierce


Address: Samuel Simpson, Clare Street Liverpool


Postmark: NorwichOC111824XXX



[1] Likely “Illustrations of Lying in All Its Branches” which would be advertised as “In the press” by the Edinburgh Magazine’s Monthly Register in November 1824, meaning Opie would have been engaged in the final editing stages in October when this letter was written.  See Blackwood’s Magazine, no. 94, vol. 16, November 1824, pg. 602.