Amelia Opie to N.R. Holmes: 9 August 1822


Dear Sir,

It was my earnest wish & my intention to request the pleasure of your company this evening, but I found my father[1] so unwell or rather uncomfortable that I dare not invite you & it gave me some satisfaction to remember that I had heard Mrs. Turner say you had letters to write—

Write them then I beseech you,

& favor me with your company to breakfast tomorrow morning at ½ past 9- when “we will speak further —”

Ask someone to direct you to Dr. Alderson’s  & there you will find me —

Yours truly—

Amelia Opie

St. Clements —Friday Eve

9th of Aug 1822


Source: King and Pierce

Address: N. R. Holmes Esquire, Norfolk Hotel

Postmark: None

[1] Dr. James Alderson (1744-1825), Amelia Opie’s father. See Gary Kelly. “Opie, Amelia (1769-1853).” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. Web. 7 Aug. 2013.